Welcome Center Leader

The Welcome Center Leader’s ministry is focused on making people feel welcome and valued as they enter our church home. The leader of this ministry ensures that the welcome center has the ministers and supplies necessary to accomplish the vision God has given to them. There are many ways in which this ministry is a blessing to those who come, so there are many details that the Welcome Center Leader oversees.

  • Keeping track of the schedule and helping to make sure that all volunteer assistance is scheduled months in advance.
  • To double check that all is in order on Sunday’s and cover for others if for some reason the volunteer is unexpectedly absent.
  • To discover and connect with people who would like to serve in the Welcome Center on a recurring basis as God leads. This could mean the same people every week, or an alternating schedule.
  • To make sure that God’s vision is accomplished for the Welcome Center refreshments; for example, this might mean just coffee, or some really enjoyable treats (there are budgeted funds avaliable for this).
  • To equip the ministers who volunteer in the Welcome Center by maintaining the Welcome Center Supply Cabinet.
  • To communicate schedule and plans with the leader in charge of church volunteer scheduling.

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