Website/Blog Editor Team Member

Our Editors manage our website/blog, keep it up to date, meaningful, and impactful. If you are interested in joining the Website/Blog Editor Team, please contact Pastor Dan. This page is a simple overview of what a Website Editor does and an information sheet for new Editors.


The primary goal of the website/Blog editor is to have a heart for keeping our online outreach current and meaningful on a consistent basis.  This is done through the following:

  • Weekly reviewing the website to make sure information on the most important upcoming events is highlighted in a meaningful way, and that the information is complete enough for people looking to attend.
  • Keeping pages fresh with new or revised content – especially the home page.
  • Making the website helpful to members by having the information they need easily available to assist them in doing their ministries
  • Ensuring that the website navigation and content is not only relevant, but concise and easy to navigate – keeping the number of top level pages to a minimum, and organizing around our philosophy of Belong, Believe, Become, and helping people to connect to our ministries with ease.

Initial Login

  • If you have been approved as an Editor, login information should be in your email. Please create an account.
  • On every high level page there is a Admin Login link (in the side bar). Use this to sign in and make edits.
  • Please keep your name and password confidential. You have been given Editorial privileges so it is possible for you to completely destroy the website.

Making Changes

  • Most of the website pages can be found under pages.
  • Just look through the list for the page you wish to edit.
  • When you start to edit a page, you will notice that it is in either “Visual” or “Text” mode.  If a page is in text mode, always edit it text mode if possible
  • Before making changes to a page, begin by making a copy of the code. Simply put your cursor in the text box, press Ctrl – a, then Ctrl – c.  Then paste the text into Notepad (other word processors may disrupt the code). Please save it incase you need to revert to the original version.
  • Switching between “Visual” and “Text” can often cause things to disappear.  If you are just looking at a page, and switching back and fourth, just make sure not to save or update, as code may have inadvertently gotten lost.Some pages are highly formatted or may have code you do not recognize on them.  This code may have been difficult to create, so if it does need to be deleted, please send the original Notepad txt file to pastor Dan incase we need to use the code again someday.

Managing the Website

  • As a website Editor, the church is entrusting you with final editing.  What you publish will go live immediately, and will be available for all to see.  We look forward to seeing your great work!

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