Nursery Director

The Nursery Director’s ministry is to ensure the care of and ministry to the nursery aged children that come to our church.  The leader of this ministry ensures that the Nursery has the ministers and supplies necessary to accomplish the vision God has given to them. There are many ways in which this ministry is a blessing to those who come, so there are many details that the Nursery Driector oversees.

  • Every Sunday – Ensure assigned person is in nursery – Ensure all supplies are up do date – Check on setup and teardown
  • Cover for anyone who is not there
  • Make sure toys have been cleaned and perodically recieve a deep cleaning.
  • Recruit Volunteers as needed
  • Work with the Volunteer Scheduling Leader to review the nursery schedule and assist in the scheduling process.
  • Weekly call or email volunteers as appropriate.

NextStep Fellowship

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