Children’s Print Coordinator

The Print Coordinator works in conjunction with the Children’s Ministry Online Coordinator, wno, on the 1st day of the month downloads all the files, burns them to a CD, and places it in the  print Coordinator’s folder on the following Sunday.

1. On the Sunday after the 1st of the month, take the Children’s ministry box home with you from church.

2. Arrange a time to go to Pastor Bill’s Passonage that week to print.

3. Print the following, and file according to the Children’s ministry schedule that can be found in the from of the box. Everything you print should be for next month.

  • Print the 25 God Time Cards for each week (15 Copies in 252 Basics folders, and 10 Copies for 1Look folders).
  • Print 2 Copies of each lesson for each week for 252 Basics and 1Look.
  • Print the activity pages for each lesson for each week, see activity pages for number of copies (If the activity pages are one page per student, plan for 15 252 Basics students, and 10 1Look Students)
  • Print 2 copies of the Needs list for each week for 1look.

Other items on Print as needed basis (pastor Dan will put a note and CD in folder if needed):

  • Round Trip tickets (on Cardstock)
  • Footprint memory verses (on Cardstock) -use color code list in footprints folder.
  • Keys for Kids (on Cardstock)
  • Music come early reminder slip (on Cardstock)

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