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1-26-2020 Eating Air Pastor Dan Ford

1-19-2020 The Man with the Bracelet Pastor Dan Ford

1-12-2020 My Weak Pastor Dan Ford

1-5-20 2020 and the Doldrums Pastor Dan Ford

12-29-2019 The Turkey Trampoline Dance Pastor Dan Ford

12-15-2019 What Did the Wisemen Dream About for Christmas? Pastor Dan Ford

12-8-2019 The Christmas Way Pastor Dan Ford

12-1-2019 Unboxing Joy Pastor Shay Pendergraft

11-17-2019 The Grinch Stole Thanksgiving First Pastor Dan Ford

11-03-2019 Do You Know My Name (It’s Personal pt. 2) Pastor Shay Pendergraft

10-27-2019 A Slime-ball With No Eyes Pastor Dan Ford

10-20-2019 When Will The Seahawks Show Up? Pastor Dan Ford

10-13-2019 Hanging With Degenerates Pastor Dan Ford

10-06-2019 It’s Personal (Orange Sunday) Pastor Shay Pendergraft

09-22-2019 A Spiderweb of Lawlessness Pastor Dan Ford

09-15-2019 The American Who Stopped Wearing Cologne Pastor Dan Ford

09-08-2019 The Tardis and The Tutsi Pastor Dan Ford

09-01-2019 Good Morning Sleeping Beauty Pastor Dan Ford

08-25-2019 1-800-DUI-AWAY Pastor Dan Ford

08-18-2019 I Got Google in my Pocket Dan Ford

08-04-2019 I Have A Problem Pastor Dan Ford

07-28-2019 Curvy Roads, Puke, and Friendship Pastor Dan Ford

07-21-2019 Straight To Voicemail Pastor Shay Pendergraft

07-14-2019 EAT 🙂 Pastor Dan Ford

07-07-2019 The Man Card Pastor Dan Ford

06-30-2019 United We Stand Pastor Dan Ford

06-16-2019 Father’s Day Pastor Dan Ford

06-09-2019 The Seattle Freeze Pastor Dan Ford

06-02-2019 #liveyourbestlife Pastor Shay Pendergraft

05-19-2019 80’s Parents Pastor Dan Ford

05-12-2019 Bind Yourself Pastor Shay Pendergraft

05-05-2019 Road Trip: the Day Jesus Pulled the Car Over Pastor Dan Ford

01-13-19 Circles, Triangles, Squiggles, and Squares Pastor Shay Pendergraft

12-30-2018 The Mall At Christmas Pastor Dan Ford

11-25-2018 A Christmas Story? Pastor Shay Pendergraft

11-11-2018 I Dream of Miracles Pastor Dan Ford

11-4-2018 More Miracles! Pastor Dan Ford

10-21-2018 Grandma Hart Shannon Ford

10-14-18-2018 The Older Brother Syndrome Pastor Dan Ford

9-23-2018 Jesus Failed Pastor Dan Ford

9-16-2018 The Turkey and the Shed Pastor Dan Ford

3-11-2018 Weeee! Weee… wee… weeeeee! We Must Pray! Pastor Dan Ford

03-04-2018 Singing Dads Pastor Dan Ford

12-10-2017 A Tale of 2 Miraculous Births Pt. 2 Pastor Dan Ford

12-03-2017 A Tale of 2 Miraculous Births Pt. 1 Pastor Dan Ford

11-5-2017 I Need A Hero Pastor Dan Ford

10-29-2017 Prayer, the Efficacy of Hammers, and the Flight of the Kitten Pastor Dan Ford

10-22-2017 For Our Neighbors, Pt. 2  Shay Pendergraft

10-15-2017 Don’t Swear… $#&*#%)@  Pastor Dan Ford

10-8-2017 Winnie the Pooh and the Ribeye Burger Pastor Dan Ford

10-01-2017 For Our Neighbors, Pt. 1 Shay Pendergraft

09-17-2017 The Dragon and His Pile of Gold Pastor Dan Ford

08-27-2017 Let’s Get Miserable Pastor Dan Ford

08-13-2017 The Count and the Real Wonder Woman Pastor Dan Ford

08-06-2017 Distracted Preaching Pastor Dan Ford

07-16-2017 Inferno 5,000- Taming the Flaming Tongue Pastor Dan Ford

05-07-2017 Can I Get a Witness Pastor Shay Pendergraft

04-30-2017 The UK Crosswalk Mandate Pastor Dan Ford

03-26-2017 One True Love and the Pit of Despair Pastor Dan Ford

03-19-2017 My, What Big Eyes You Have Pastor Dan Ford

03-12-2017 The Corvette and the Phlebotomist Pastor Dan Ford

02-14-2017 3 Simple Steps to Sharing the Flu Pastor Dan Ford

02-05-2017 Comfort, Cup holders, and the Big Fight Pastor Dan Ford

10-09-2016 Peace Over Strength Pt 4 Pastor Dan Ford

10-02-2016 Peace Over Strength Pt 3 Pastor Dan Ford

09-25-2016 Peace Over Strength Pt 2  Pastor Dan Ford

09-18-2016 Peace Over Strength Pt 1 Pastor Dan Ford

09-11-2016 It’s About Time Shay Pendergraft

09-04-2016 Conquerors Pastor Dan Ford

08-28-2016 Jonah Pt. 7 Pastor Dan Ford

08-21-2016 Jonah Pt. 6 Pastor Dan Ford

08-14-2016 Jonah Pt. 5 Pastor Dan Ford

08-07-2016 Jonah Pt. 4 Pastor Dan Ford

07-31-2016 Jonah Pt. 3 Pastor Dan Ford

07-24-2016 Jonah Pt. 2 Pastor Dan Ford

07-17-2016 Jonah- A Man After My Own Heart Pastor Dan Ford

07-10-2016 I Know the Answer… But What’s the Issue? Shay Pendergraft

07-03-2016 No Freedom Without a Fight Shay Pendergraft

06-26-2016 I Know I’m Not… But He Is Shay Pendergraft

06-19-2016 Honor All Dads; Even Those Who Speak Klingon Pastor Dan Ford

06-12-2016 Wile E. Coyote and the Green Pond Pastor Dan Ford

06-05-2016 Campfire Testimony Pastor Dan Ford

05-22-2016 Little Einsteins Pastor Dan Ford

05-15-2016 Growing Tomatoes and Wearing Funny Hats Pastor Dan Ford

05-08-2016 Moms, Our First Friends Pastor Dan Ford

05-01-2016 Life, Liberty, and the Power of Friendship Pt. II Pastor Dan Ford

04-24-2016 Life, Liberty, and the Power of Friendship Pastor Dan Ford

04-17-2016 Pastor Dan Ford

04-10-2016 Content Pastor Dan Ford

04-03-2016 Today Pastor Dan Ford

03-27-2016 He Is Risen- The Week That Changed The World Pastor Dan Ford

03-20-2016 Hosanna on Friday Shay Pendergraft

03-13-2016 Believe Pt. 6 Colossians 4:2-11 Pastor Dan Ford

03-06-2016 Believe Pt. 5 Colossians 3:18-25 Pastor Dan Ford

02-28-2016 Believe Pt. 4 Colossians 2:1-7 Pastor Dan Ford

02-21-2016 Believe Pt. 3 Colossians 1:12-14 Pastor Dan Ford

02-14-2016 Believe Pt. 2 Colossians 1:9-11 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

02-07-2016 Believe Pt. 1 Colossians 1:1-5 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

01-31-2016 Belong Pt. 5 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

01-24-2016 Belong Pt. 4 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

01-17-2016 Belong Pt. 3 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

01-10-2016 Belong Pt. 2 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)

01-03-2016 Belong Pt. 1 Pastor Dan Ford (Handout)


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